This Is The Bomb: Huge Crew Cab, 14' Landscape Dump!

Michael Osborne gives us a short tour of this Low Cab Forward (LCF) Crew Cab 4500 chassis matched to a 15' Martin Steel Side Landscape Dump body. Talk about getting the crew to the job and carrying massive amounts of landscaping materials, this truck is the bomb! In addition, this unit is has a 6.0 gas V8 engine which saves many thousands of dollars in the initial cost. This may look like a massive truck, yet because it is an LCF and because of how it is designed, the turning radius is excellent offering maximum maneuverability. Call Michael Osborne or one of their knowledgeable fleet pros at 951-252-2980 Check out their huge selection of ready-to-go-to-work-today trucks at https://paradisefleet.com

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