Marketing 101 - The Overall Plan

Okay, the database program is in place. Let's begin an overall strategic marketing plan. There are so many ways to market your products and services and we want to cover as many as possible. Here is a list that is prioritized as I would list them. You might find the order interesting:
  • Purchase & Expand the Database - The most critical expense.
  • Word-of-Mouth - Get people talking to people in a positive way
  • Referral - Customer referrals, friends, etc.
  • Website, Blogs - A real site that is a good working tool--a separate site.
  • Newsletter via Email - Very inexpensive an powerful way to communicate
  • Direct Mail - Targeted audience is cost effective.
  • Give Aways - To be used in prospecting, off site events, etc.
  • Prospecting - No substitute for seeing their business with your own eyes.
  • Networking - Chamber of Commerce, other associations
  • Your Service Department - Works to both advantages
  • Off site Events and Displays - Everywhere you can, often
  • Brochures - About your operation, your store
  • Association Advertising - Contractor Associations, etc.
  • Media Advertising - Print, Radio, TV
Now, the ideal situation is that there is a sufficient budget to do all of them in the minimum acceptable amount. Notice that I have Media Advertising at the bottom of the list. At most auto dealerships, it is at the top of the list. In commercial, it can be important, but the other items on the list are far more important. The database is the most critical of all. More marketing installments coming.

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