More About Partnerships . . .

Sharing each others inventory availability is a great idea and is worth whatever effort it takes to create the partnerships and keep them effective. Let's take that concept just a bit further.

Every dealer ends up with aging units. That is part of the inventory game. How you deal with that is everything. I recommend creating these partnerships to help you and all your partner team keep your inventory fresh. As a unit becomes about 90 days old, it is time to get serious about finding a home for it and replacing that unit with something fresh. Here's the plan: Call one of your partners and trade 1-3 of your 90+ day units for an equal amount of their 90+ day old units.

Don't be all concerned about what you are getting back from them because it is easy to get stuck in your own thinking. Let it flow. You will be amazed at what this strategy will do for you. I have done it myself and have advised many to do this with wonderful results.

When the new (their old ones) units arrive, get them ready and get them on the lot. Make sure your team is fully aware of them. Chances are you will sell them quickly. Worst case scenario is you started the clock over again.

You will find that this strategy will work very profitably for you and your partners. It requires just a bit of courage, but worth any effort.

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