More Commercial Inventory Strategies

If you are limited to 40 units or less of upfitted ready-to-go trucks, I think you can make more sales if you will think of selection of variety rather than a numerical selection of fewer types.

Here's what I mean. The typical dealer is stocking Contractor, Service and Van bodies with a few Dumps, Combo bodies for good measure. Out of the 8 Contractor bodies, they might stock all 12' length bodies on a few various chassis, such as crew cab, super cab, regular cab, 4500 and 3500. There would be a little more variation in Service bodies because of the wide variety that are popular, so they might have 8', 9', 11' service bodies on various style chassis. Van bodies are typically 14' on a Cutaway chassis unless the dealer has a medium duty line. I see this strategy at most dealerships I have visited over the years.

This could be a more fruitful way: Instead of stocking all 12' model Contractor bodies, mix them up. You will find if you watch the traffic on the road, that there are a lot of 9' and 10' Contractor bodies. Many of them were done by the end user through a local body company. Why? Few dealers stock them is one reason. The advantage? Many. Turning radius, shorter overall length. These trucks do work at job sites and space is often at a premium.

There is a market for the single rear wheel 8' or 9' Contractor as well. So, out of 8 Contractors, I can now cover a huge variety to show my potential customers. If you have thought of developing your network, you will find it easy to get all the 12' units you need by the end of the day. I'm suggesting that you think more of the different things you can offer your customer so that you can sell more customers. Everyone wants solutions. I heard a long time ago that people don't want 1/4" drills, they want 1/4" holes. How true. The more different solutions you can offer, the better.

In Service bodies, I would have a lot of options that the prospect will never find anywhere else. Truly I am offering solutions that the prospect might not have thought existed. I would have units with Cargo Bed Enclosures, drawers, transverse compartments, horizontal series compartments. I want a sample of a bit of everything.

What does all this thinking do for you? One, it will help you close sales you never would have otherwise closed. Two, options are gross profit. You will earn more money. Three, your display is not going to look like the one across town. You will be unique. That's a good thing! Four, you will have a lot more fun. Get creative. Don't be safe--be successful!

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