It Is The Perfect Time!

We talked with a potential customer for a website the other day and he is in a cyclical business and this is the downtime. There is a certain amount of maintenance, but his business peaks in the warm late Spring through Summer months. So he said that he was thinking about doing something in February or March. He said now was not a good time.

We say, now is the perfect time! If you wait until it is busy, there is no way that you will spend the time even if you have the money. Now is the time to spend the time writing out what you want to say. Now is the time to invest the time and work out the money and get the thing done so when it does get busy, you are more than ready to take advantage of that wonderful change in a new and better way.

This is great advice right now in the auto industry. Based on the fears of the public or whatever reason it is slower, now is a great time to take care of those things that you've thought about but never had time for. You know the list. Get your database cleaned up. Create some great email templates. Learn how to use email marketing through a company like Constant Contact. It's really easy and inexpensive. Gather a long list of email addresses for your customers and prospects and friends and start one or more regular communications like a newsletter. If you pay for it out of your own pocket, it is less than $20 per month. Read Permission Marketing by Seth Godin and The One To One Future by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers and the others that you've been meaning to get around to.
While you're doing what you can with what you've got, it is the perfect time to rebuild the walkway, pull the weeds, repair the fence, improve your selling skills, whatever. If nothing else, a huge benefit will be less time to worry.

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