Pump You UP!

In times like this, YouTube is a attitude saver! I do an email newsletter for Commercial Truck Success every other week (view and subscribe) and for the past several months I've been adding a couple of funny videos I find on YouTube. The interesting part is that it takes me a couple of hours of hilarious laughing to finally pick two to put in the newsletter. Some people might call that a waste of time, but I call it my Joy Time! A lot of the stuff on YouTube is so much funnier than anything on TV and most of them are less than 3 minutes. Just about anything you could think of is on there.

Tonight I was thinking of Hanz and Franz and the Pump You UP! Saturday Night Live skits. Fun like this is absolutely necessary lately. Might as well laugh. It sure does take the stress of it all away. I just love that line, "listen to him now, and believe him later. . ."

So, for your enjoyment, I have included two of the best links I could find on YouTube. The first is a commercial for a Chevy dealer and it is well done. The guy on the right looks very similar to Arnold and sounds like him too which makes it more interesting.

Here it is: Bill Forbes Chevrolet.

The second is an elementary school presentation that is very funny and well done. The audio could be better, but you will enjoy it I'm sure.

Here is the second: Josh & Matt - 1994ish

Have an awesome, laugh-filled day!

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