Gas Giant Turns To Isuzu For LPG Deliveries

Elgas' Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanker fleet is the largest in Australia, transporting LPG to homes and business' across Australia and New Zealand. And it just got bigger with 10 new Isuzu tankers.

Established in 1984, Elgas is Australia's principal marketer and supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). With one of the Southern Hemisphere's largest LPG storage facilities – 'The Cavern' – at Port Botany in Sydney, Elgas supplies LPG for home, business, industrial, transport and outdoor use through its distribution network of 49 sites around Australia and nine in New Zealand.

Joining Australia's largest dedicated LPG tanker fleet are 10 new Isuzu tankers with a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 32 tonnes. The Isuzu FVD 1000 and FVR 1000 trucks were purchased due to their performance, reliability and efficient maintenance costs, according to Elgas National Fleet Operations Manager, Damian Pennington.

"Elgas' metropolitan delivery fleet is required to travel around 55,000 kilometres a year and have engine hours in excess of 2,100 hours per annum," Mr Pennington said.

"We have had a very positive experience with Isuzu in terms of reliability and ease of maintenance in the past, hence our decision to upgrade with the same brand of trucks."

According to Mr Pennington, another defining feature of Isuzu trucks is their advanced engine technology.

"When we specify trucks into tanker applications, we require the truck to have a full electronic engine which interfaces with our Program Logic Control System (PLCS)," Mr Pennington said.

"A key decision in choosing Isuzu was the SiTEC Series II engine's compatibility with the PLCS. The PLCS also enables Elgas to maintain a high level of safety compliance. The logic program electrically controls valve timing and sequencing as well as the safety shutdown system, minimising manual intervention."

Specified for high density and high frequency local distribution routes, the Isuzu SiTEC Series II 295 engine has ample amounts of power (221 kW) and torque (981 Nm) to tackle both highway and congested city conditions, according to Mr Pennington.

"Isuzu's SiTEC Series II engine has a very good operational profile fit for Elgas' city delivery operations," Mr Pennington said.

"The trucks have plenty of torque to run the power take off unit; this is available low in the rev range which is good in stop-start city conditions.

"Performance is further enhanced by the easy-to-use Allison transmission, which relieves the stress of gear changes, enabling our trucks to be safely and confidently driven by operators of varying truck driving experience.

"We want our drivers to keep two hands on the steering wheel at all times," Mr Pennington added.

Complementing Elgas' high safety standards is Isuzu's ergonomically designed cabin which includes safety features such as Front Underrun Protection Device (FUPD), ECE-R29 cab strength compliance and driver airbag.
The trucks' cab-over design and cabin layout have received many positive comments by both operators and management, according to Mr Pennington.

"Isuzu is probably the best manufacturer on the market for forward vision in a cab-over design," Mr Pennington said.

"Coupled with a very quiet cabin, a practical layout and Isri 6860 air suspension seat, the FVD and FVR 1000s are very user-friendly and comfortable trucks to operate."

See more at http://www.isuzu.com.au/.

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