Pumping Industrial Waste With The Power Of Isuzu

It's not a glamorous job but it's a necessary one: sucking up dirty, hazardous industrial waste and transporting it to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disposal site.

To get the job done safely and efficiently, Queensland company Power Pumping recently purchased an Isuzu Giga CXY 455, set up in a Quad Dog Vacuum Tanker configuration.

The Giga is used exclusively to recover and transport industrial liquid waste, oily water, mud, dirty water, sewerage, dry waste and sand.

Fitted with a 600-cubic-feet-per-minute pump system, two vacuum tanks, tipping hoist and full rear opening door, Power Pumping's Isuzu CXY 455 delivers a maximum payload of 28 tonnes on each run to the waste processing facility.

Convenience and ease of operation are improved by pneumatic operated valve controls, retracting safety hand rail and a detachable dog trailer vacuum tank, which can be left on site.

When Director Lucas Cavanagh took over Power Pumping's operations in 2006, the company had one truck and a handful of customers. By capitalising on growth opportunities from large government projects, Lucas and his team have expanded their business over the last three years to a staff of five and four new trucks – including the Isuzu Giga.

According to Lucas, the most crucial factors in keeping a healthy balance sheet have been specifying the right truck for the application and ensuring commonality in plant equipment.

"At Power Pumping, commonality is very important to us, which is why all our trucks are Isuzu," Lucas said.

"We choose Isuzu trucks because of the reliability we have experienced with them in the past – our very first truck was an Isuzu.

"By sticking with the one manufacturer, the maintenance of our trucks is simple as we have only one supplier and we can expect a quality service every time," Lucas added.

Thanks to rapid development in the Southeast Queensland region, Power Pumping recently added a new Isuzu FVR 1000 vacuum tanker to its fleet to accompany the 50 tonne Giga, 15 tonne F Series model and the five tonne light rigid model.

According to Lucas, the Giga SiTEC Series II 455 engine's Euro V rating allows Power Pumping to meet the stringent emissions requirements expected by both government and environmentally conscious private clients.

"It is crucial that we use the most environmentally friendly equipment, as we contract to large multi-national commercial and industrial companies across a wide variety of industries, who are all under very tight environmental scrutiny," Lucas said.

In addition to its strong environmental credentials, Lucas said the Giga's power is also a standout feature.

"The truck's engine has no problems hauling its maximum gross weight of 50 tonnes and powering the Power Take-Off unit, which is the main artery to the truck's vacuum pump, hydraulic systems and air valves," Lucas said.

"The Giga is able to tackle any road condition with ease, whether it is slow crawling on industrial sites, congested city conditions or higher speeds on the freeway."

According to Lucas, the comfort features inside the Isuzu cab, along with some optional extras, have helped Power Pumping reduce Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) hazards and improve operational efficiency – not to mention the creature comforts of the cooler box and Bluetooth infotainment unit.

"The drivers are very happy with the Isri 6860 air suspension driver's seat, as it makes sitting in the truck all day much more comfortable," Lucas said.

"With the extra leg room in the cabin and the installation of two reversing cameras, Power Pumping is also able to minimise risk by increasing visibility on work sites and on public roads."

See more at http://www.isuzu.com.au/.


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