It's A Table, It's Platform, It Stashes Away Nicely. . .

Here's a great little add-on, build-in accessory. It's a slide-out table; writing table; add some heat and it's a griddle; temporary storage while getting up into the body area; tongue sticking out at you; work platform; craft area. . . well, that's enough. I've made my guesses, let's hear yours. It certainly does look like an interesting tool and I'm sure it has more than one use--maybe even one of my suggestions. However you might use this great sliding tray, shelf, platform, table, tongue, it is a nice idea by Knapheide Manufacturing of Quincy, Illinois and the world. Check out more of their clever tools and accessories at http://www.knapheide.com/. They've only been doing it since 1848, so I'm sure they have drawers full of ideas.

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