Sweet Drawer Setup in the Plus 50 by Knapheide

Who could use this sweet setup? Mobile repairs? Of course. Always needing a fitting, a bolt, a nut, a washer, or ten. Any kind of mobile service, really. Any kind of service too. I mean, who cannot find lots of little things they didn't think they needed, but they do and we dang well ought to take it with us just in case we need it, right? Of course. Heck, take out the dividers and carry other things. Or take out part of the dividers, or order optional deeper drawers. We all need deeper drawers, right? Of course.

This series of photos is called the Plus 50 and it is a transverse compartment that goes through the body to the back side of the opposite side--in other words, not all the way through. You loose a little bed space but that is a minor trade off for the wonderful addition of drawers. The Plus 50 is a Knapheide product and is available on their service bodies and other units. Pretty sweet!

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