Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leyman Lifts Extreme Duty FXD-6800 Folding Liftgate

Leyman Lifts special rail design on the Fold-A-Vador® Extreme Duty FXD-6800 keeps rails from bending at docks when at dock loading position. FXD is primarily used in these industries: Leasing Companies, Freight Carriers, Dairy, Battery, Moving & Storage, Beverage, Newspapers, Fast Foods, Mail Carriers, Automotive Parts

Standard Features Include: Maintenance Minder2® Power Unit, Leyman Extreme Shield® coating, Reinforced smooth outer rails, 12 volt d.c. Double power unit assembly, Floating continuous hinge on platform; prevents sagging, Potted Marine toggle switch operation, Header kit (dock seal) included, Hose burst valves (non-electrical), Torsion bar assist opening and closing, Platform folds between outer masts, Power close platform, Two hydraulic cylinders perform the lifting, Battery Box (Batteries not included), Recessed LED lights (four lights), Hardened steel rollers with anti-friction bearings, Power Line Kit included.

Optional Features: 102" wide vehicle kit (platform 86" wide)

Standard Specifications: Capacity: 6800 lbs. Platform Sizes: 80"W x 84"D + 16" Retention ramp, (Optional) 86"W x 84"D + 16" Retention ramp Floor Heights: 46" - 56"

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