Sto-Away Power Crane Accessories For Power-Hoisting Personnel

Mark Scegiel of Sto-Away Power Cranes talks to Ryan of Commercial Truck Success about their Confined Space OSHA compliant crane accessories for power-hoisting personnel at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For many years, the window washing industry, ship building yards, and in the mining industry have been power-hoisting personnel. There is no way that a person could be raised from a 1,000-ft shaft using a hand-operated hoist.

We contacted J.Nigel Ellis, Ph.D., P.E., CSP, CPE Founder of RTC Corp. and a co-author of Federal Standard 1910.146 (Confined Space), and asked what were the standards? What were the hazards of power hoisting and his thoughts on addressing these hazards?

First: We developed our Load Limiter© which pins to the end of the bumper's Davit arm and senses the weight on the lifting cable and can shut off the hoist's lifting signal at 350 lbs. of payload.

Second: We also have a special hoist drum, a B.L.G.L.© that is capable of meeting the 3,200 lb. minimum anchoring point that IS required for Man rating.

Third: We have a "back --up" manual winch system that is also required should the power hoist become unresponsive. We have this Back --up system mounted back away from the edge of the manhole in order to reduce the risk of the rescuer falling in to the manhole.

Fourth: The Sto-Away® also has built-in fall protection that will catch him/her in 2 feet or less should the entrant slip & fall while
he/she has decided to climb out of the manhole and finds a broken or missing step.

Fifth: A "keyed authorized -- two handed" over ride switch should the hoist be needed to raise two people at once.

Sixth: A custom steering wheel Lock- Out and Tag - Out system so that the entrant can lock out the truck when the Sto-Away® is being used as a man lift.

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