Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Is Ridiculous, Illegal, And Just Plain Stupid!

This shot is going on my wall of shame. I was out and about and could not believe my eyes were actually seeing this truck. Can we hear the axle about ready to break? Can we see the tires rubbing on the body? Can we see a flatbed that is too long for this chassis? Can we see a chassis that is not designed for this kind of work? Can we see flattened tires in the rear and the front ones barely touching the pavement? Can we see stupid?

This truck has over 60 pallets on it. An average empty pallet weighs approximately 40 lbs to 60 lbs depending on water content and wood type according to the Internet. Let's take the low end at 40 lbs x 60 = 2,400 lbs, plus the extra weight of that flatbed which weighs about 800-900 lbs more than the pickup bed that goes on this truck, making this back-end load about 3,300 lbs, not to mention the severe rear loading where the rear axle is the fulcrum and causing the lifting of the front end.

What's the worst problem is the potential of a blowout, lost control, poor steering quality that can easily take out other travelers on the road with it. This is sad and extremely dangerous.

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