The Trucks That Built a Global Brand | Chevrolet

100 years after the brand's inception, Chevrolet looks back at the trucks that have made a global impact.

I especially like the picture of the Blazer Chalet which was made in 1975 through 1977 and was a K10 Blazer without the top and had a fiberglass slip in camper made by Chinook. It was a super vehicle for two people and the super short wheelbase made it so maneuverable. Got to take a demo on a camping trip once and it was awesome.

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Russell C said...

Actually '76-'77 only for the Blazer Chalet & GMC Jimmy Casa Grande, and the camper units were more accurately described as bolt-ons instead of slide-ins. They really were not designed to be removed and replaced with any ease.

I am the current site owner (but not the creator) of blazerchalet.com, and I am the #2 moderator at the Yahoo Autos Groups forum for Chalet owners & enthusiasts: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/ChevyK5BlazerChalets/ It is a free-to-join forum.