Sunday, September 30, 2012

12' Steel Landscaper Body with Fold-Down Sides by Scelzi Enterprises

Here's a body built by Scelzi Enterprises of Fresno CA a few years ago that has some unique side work. This landscape body is made of steel including the sides and has two fold-down sections that are approximately half the height of the body on both sides. This allows shovel loading and hand loading of brush, clippings and more. The swing-away rear gate assembly opens to a fully coated interior to give more life to the inside area--and hey, it just looks good too. That's a good thing.

All of this is matched to a super reliable Rugby dump hoist and subframe and Scelzi's flatbed and finally a class IV receiver and trailer plug. Scelzi Enterprises is an excellent manufacturer and supplier with several outlets, while their large main plant is in Fresno, CA. See much more about Scelzi at

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