Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jeffrey Answers A Question On Cold Calling | Real World Sales Wisdom


Something that has never made sense to me, I'm required to make cold calls as part of my daily routine, at the same time, my bossman could not be more put out by people that cold call him throughout the day and I agree with him. Yet every morning starts out with the same old "Let's get smilin' and dialin!'" Smile for what? You don't even believe in what I'm doing!



Have your boss sit down next to you and make cold calls himself. And let him piss off the same people that you're pissing off. Let him see what a total waste of time cold calling is and how it affects your mood, how it affects your belief system, how it affects your personal pride, how it affects your attitude, and then start to call customers that you're already doing business with, customers who love you. And ask them if you can come over and help them out for an hour. Ask them if you can come over and talk about how your product is used. Ask them if you can come over and help build the relationship. Tell them you need to make a 'good will' visit. Those are the people who will invite you right in and talk to you for a half an hour and maybe help you earn a referral. That's where the money is in sales, not in cold calling. Cold calling pisses off your boss. Imagine what it does to your customers. Referrals. That's where the money is.

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