Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sortimo Organizes and Expands The Space In The Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is not a full size van, but you might be surprised how much you can do with the space it does have. With an economical and fuel-efficient 4-cylinder motor, the standard raised roof, the smaller footprint and excellent maneuverability, it's no wonder that the Ford Transit Connect is showing up on roads all over the United States.

Dealers tell me that the Transit Connect has been such a good selling unit that they have a hard time keeping much stock on their lot. With all the features of this great "little" van, it has become well accepted by the public, many of whom are looking for a more compact design and cost-effective and fuel-efficient alternative to the "big" vans.

Then, when you add the features of the Sortimo Globelyst in-vehicle equipment, the usefulness of the Transit Connect is now multiplied. When a space is really organized, it becomes a larger space than it appears to be. Keeping things safely in their place and making it easy to work on job sites with portable storage options, Sortimo is the world leader.

See much more about Sortimo products for vans, trucks, and cars (and even other uses!) at www.Sortimo.com.

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