Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The State of Commercial Trucks and Construction Of New Texaco Station (1953)

Charles McGinnis Home Movie
This video is wonderful. It has no sound. It would be really cool with some music, but here's what I love about it:
This video shows the state of commercial trucks in 1953. You see the commercial pickup, light duty service body, heavy duty service body, dump body, cement truck, crane truck (watch the guy shinny up the boom several times), along with a good number of period cars. See the state of construction. Lots of men, no power tools. See the many hand saws in action, sledge hammer, digging out the concrete by hand. There's even plenty of dangerous stunts that were commonplace back then. It was called getting the job done and making it work with what there was to work with. Notice the cement truck front end going off the ground and three men jumping on it to try to bring it to earth unsuccessfully. Notice the active car wash. One man, a hose and a rag. Notice the service station attendant checking the oil, washing the windows while the bow-tied customer gets out for a stretch. Notice the supervisors and planner while the contractor draws on the board. It's just the way it was.
How ever much of it you might watch of the eleven minutes, you'll get a lot to see about the state of construction and commercial trucks in 1953. Enjoy.

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