NEW DAILY - The new QUAD-LEAF front suspension

The new QUAD-LEAF front suspension is standard on both vans and chassis cabs (up to 3.5 tonnes). It adopts a double wishbone scheme with transversal leaf spring, with new components and a completely new geometry that improves roll behaviour and increases roll stiffness. But the new suspension also achieves excellent results in terms of noise, vibration and loading performance.

Maximum load on axle has been improved to 1,900 kg and a 40 kg payload increase has been achieved on chassis cabs, due to system integration. The new QUAD-LEAF substantially improves manoeuverability and handling at all loads. 

We have managed to maintain all advantages of the rear-wheel drive while minimising its inherent oversteer and producing a better anti-roll and anti-dive action. Also steering geometry has been revised, camber has been optimized in all situations, and toe in angle has been modified in order to make steering more progressive. DAILY handling is now much more intuitive and predictable in line with that of a passenger car. Also emergency manoeuvers are now safer in all load conditions. Handling improvement is measured by the increase in lateral acceleration: +25% corresponding to 0.74 g: an impressive performance for a commercial vehicle.

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