Friday, June 13, 2014

Special Landscaping Truck - Guest Post by Steve Taylor

I spotted this work truck in my neighborhood and wished to share it.

We like to take pictures of work trucks set up with application-specific equipment.

In this case, we spotted some landscapers busy planting flowers and working out of a box style truck body. From our experience, they usually work out off a pickup or a pickup with a trailer. As we approached, it became clear why the owners chose a box truck. That’s because they need to carry and store hundreds of plants. They keep the plants stored, out of direct sunlight and weather until they are ready to be planted

This Ford F550 is mounted with an enclosed box with a step-well style sidestep. It has an overhead rear door and a swing style side-opening door. 

Seldom do you find a truck with better space utilization.  Notice that the interior is finished off with plywood walls mounted with the black “etrack” strips. The etrack provides a connection for the four plywood shelves. This gives the 5 spaces for plant storage. Compare that to storing plants on the floor of a trailer or the back of flatbed, rack style body. The rear step bumper allows for step-up to access the rearmost plants on all levels.

The side door step-well style entrance allows entrances to a "cubby hole" where anyone has access to the front-most plants stored on 5 levels. 

This box truck configuration gives the potential of about 5 times the amount of storage for plants with easy access to the front as well as the rear.

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