Dairy farm to produce pipeline-quality biogas

Settled in the Yakima Basin of Washington, George DeRuyter & Sons dairy has been using an anaerobic digester (AD) producing biogas for electric generation. Over the years the production has been at a meager and declining rate, driving Dan DeRuyter and his partners to explore other options. The exploration resulted in a partnership with Promus Energy LLC, a renewable energy development company, to convert GDR’s current AD system into Promus’s integrated digester-based system. The system is designed to profitably convert dairy manure of 3,150 cow equivalents and other organic wastes into revenue-generating products. These products include pipeline-quality renewable natural gas (RNG) for transportation fuel, 3.8 tons per day of biofertilizers, 3.3 tons per day of a high-value crystalized ammonium sulfate fertilizer produced from an ammonia scrubber, a fibrous peat moss replacement at 86 cubic yards per day, and environmental credits.

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