Easily One Of The Most Useful Truck Bodies On The Planet

Jordan gives us a tour of one of the fastest selling truck bodies he stocks. This is the Knapheide KUV lowpro Service Body. It is often called a Plumber Body because plumbers love them, but so does most other contractors. And why not? It is a Service Body on the outside and this one has the awesome Sortimo organization system on one side. The body is just barely taller than the chassis so it gets in and out of tight spots. It is mounted on a cutaway chassis that has a very short turning radius and the low mounting height of the floor of the body. Then, inside, there are shelves with outside access, a dry place to put large items like water heaters, air conditioning units, and so much more, and finally, the capacity to get it all done. It's comfortable to drive, takes what you need to where you're going and able to work at the job site too.

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