Tools To Help Your Trade For Truck Dealers and Body Companies

When I first got into the car business in 1972, carpet was an option in cars, power door locks was an extremely rare option and was vacuum operated. Since then, every year, more and more so called options became standard. It’s hard to find anything without air conditioning today. And though the truck that holds the truck body that we call a commercial truck has progressed in the same way as cars, the truck body that dealers order typically has not.

End users want solutions. They want to have their vehicle do more, be more cost effective, help them be more effective and efficient, and save them time, labor, and essentially solve problems. Yet, I see a lot of dealers ordering the same old service body, rack and hitch, and many of them without the rack. I think they just don’t think about options when they are ordering, so I recently developed a tool to help solve this issue and help create solutions for end users by stocking better products and to also at the same time increase profits for the dealer. Options are the key to both of these.

Rather than just reordering the same things, I developed a series of body templates that are so simple to use. All you need do is print one out, circle some things, make some check marks, and in a few cases, add some specific details. This then can be faxed, emailed, handed to, or otherwise given to body companies to get a quote, or place an order. They will work for every truck body company on the planet.

The most common bodies are covered. There are eight of them: Combo Body, Contractor Body, Dump Body, Flatbeds, Landscape Body, Plumber Style Body, Service Body, and Van Body or Dry Van. Each of these templates are specifically designed for each body and the appropriate options, sizes, etc. You don’t even have to think of options, they are already there. Plus it is so easy to use.

Some example are: On the service body, there are cargo bed enclosures (rolltops), raised cargo bed enclosures, transverse compartments, drawers, interior lighting, master locking system, electric locks, work platform, bedslider, liftgate, vise bracket, rack, rack-straps, conduit box, horizontal series, just to name a few.

When you’re twenty years old climbing in the back of the body is no big deal, but when you’re 45 it is a different experience. A bedslide changes all that.  Another is Rack-Straps. One of the easiest options in the world to sell and so useful. A raised cargo bed enclosure and bedslide keeps valuable parts and large tools out of sight and secure with convenient access. A transverse compartment with long drawers will make an 8’ service body into the equivalent of a somewhat larger body with its effective use of space. Another is a back-up camera for a plumber style body, Spitslift crane, and more. Remember simple things too like back-up alarm.

You can download the pdf of these templates free at http://comtrk.com/trainingresources.html

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