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GBI Distribution understands the value of high quality customer service.

According to the company, this is the main reason behind their recent decision to upgrade their fleet to consist entirely of Isuzu trucks.

The Cannington-based, WA, family-owned company has been in operation for more than 55 years and, during that time, has developed a fierce reputation for quality delivery.

Some of their major clients include appliance supplier Miele and car audio giant, Pioneer.

They deliver throughout the wide-expanses of Western Australia.

GBI presently boasts 19 delivery and service vehicles, ranging from three-tonne to 10-tonne trucks, across the N and F Series ranges, many of these are fitted with tailgate lifters to assist in loading and unloading premium white goods.

Warehousing and Logistics Manager, Gary Murray, said trust had convinced GBI to fill their fleet entirely with Isuzu trucks.

“They’re honest and reliable to deal with, it’s simple as that,” he said.

“The communication lines are always open.

“If they say something is going to be done on a Thursday, it’s done on a Thursday.”

Mr Murray said another consideration was the presentation of the truck, which reflects well on their clients.

“As a company, our point-of-difference is that we cater for top-end clients, who take pride in their brand,” he said.

“When we deliver their items, what customers notice are our beautifully painted and presented trucks.”

He said another reason to opt 100% Isuzu was the range of models and Isuzu’s adaptability.

“We do modify some of our trucks to suit the cargo,” he said.

“Among the items transported are sub-zero fridges, so we need trucks to suit, trucks with the right height and width to accommodate these goods.”

Mr Murray said Isuzu had always been up to the challenge, no matter the requirements.

“In the past, we’ve sat down with Isuzu and drawn up plans that matched our needs,” he said.

“On every occasion, they’ve delivered trucks to our needs and specifications, with no worries.”


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