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After recognising a need for a truck driver training service in his hometown of Gladstone, Queensland, Adam Van Vegchel stepped up to the challenge.

The result is United Driver Training, which aims to equip aspiring professional drivers with the skills they need to enter the industry safely.

Mr Van Vegchel believes the importance of well-trained drivers on our roads should not be underestimated, and he hopes his business will help the next generation of new entrants hit the highways running.

“I’ve spent my working life in transport and was looking for a change of pace from driving trucks but something still connected with the industry,” Mr Van Vegchel said.

“There were previously no trainers in the town,” Mr Van Vegchel said.

“Whenever anyone wanted to be trained, other trainers had to come in from out of town.

“I’d been thinking about starting the business for a while, but in the end I thought, ‘why not go for it’.”

But taking the leap into business is not without its risks.

To start with, he needed a reliable, cost-effective truck, which could withstand the demands from heavy rigid learner drivers.

So when it came time for Mr Van Vegchel to invest in a truck, he looked to a trusted brand and eventually decided on an Isuzu FXZ 1500. Fitted with a tray body, which is capable of transporting loads such as concrete blocks.

Mr Van Vegchel said he sought out a truck that had the right blend of safety, reliability and hardiness.

“Firstly, I needed a crash box, which is what the students need to learn in,” Mr Van Vegchel said.

“I needed something which was strong and gave the students a realistic experience of what they can expect in the work force.”

“Of course a lot of new trucks sold these days are fitted with automatic and automated manual transmissions, but there are plenty out there that are manual and not all have synchro transmissions.

“It’s like going for your car licence, being able to drive a manual provides a lot more flexibility.  In the case of trucks, if you can operate a non-synchro gearbox then you can drive any truck, no matter the transmission as long as you have the correct endorsement.”

Mr Van Vegchel opted for the Eaton RTO 11908LL, which hasn’t let him down.

According to Mr Van Vegchel, safety and river comfort and convenience were also important considerations.

The Isuzu comes equipped with ABS and airbags, as well as an ultra-comfortable ride thanks to the ISRI 6860 drivers seat.

As standard in Isuzu trucks, there is good instrumentation and comfortable access to driver controls, with the high cabin providing excellent outward facing visibility.

He said the Isuzu had given him confidence during the start-up phase.

“Everything that I wanted in a truck came stock-standard, such as the digital audio system and cruise control,” Mr Van Vegchel said.

“Things are going pretty well, we’ve got plans to add another truck.”

With the safety and reliability of an Isuzu truck behind him, Mr Van Vechel is confident his business will bring a much-needed service to the Gladstone region.


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