Low Profile Combo Body Gets The Job Done

Above is a rare unit. In all of my travels, I don't recall ever seeing a low profile combo body, and I love it. This one has been around for a while and is owned by Summit Roofing in Vacaville CA. I saw it in two locations and got shots from both to show it off a bit.

First off, when I say low-pro, it means that the top of the open top lids falls at approximately the bottom of the rear window, so that makes it right around 34". The typical height, and like every other one I've seen is at or just above the middle of the rear window, or about 41". Sure, with the standard unit you have a bit more storage space in the boxes, but I love the way this unit looks and you can see inside the top lids without standing on your toes or a step stool.

In this case, notice the compressor that looks like it gets a lot of use behind the rear window on a shelf built for that purpose and it makes it easy to get to. Notice also the flat spot on the street side front for more machine possibilities. Then this has a forklift loadable rack and short contractor gates around the back where the work platform is.

This unit is mounted on a Ford F350 and also has aluminum wheels for just a bit of added flair.

You may never find one like this on a dealers lot, but it is certainly available and now that you've seen how it looks and some advantages, you may want to have your favorite dealer order one up for you. I think it is awesome.

In case you're in Northern California, you can reach Summit Roofing at 707-451-0162. My thanks to the Summit Roofing crew for allowing me to take some quick shots on their lunch break. -- Terry Minion, Commercial Truck Success

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