The Movement Toward Sweet Work Pickups

Work pickups like these parked at a nearby golf course shows the trend toward commercial shells and especially combined with 1/2-ton pickups. There are a lot of advantages to this setup including lower initial cost, lower to the ground, better ride, quieter ride, tires and brakes cost less, plus you're more likely to find uplevel interiors.

Above are two Chevrolet 1500 pickups. One is a regular cab 8' bed and a double cab short bed, one is also white and the other is silver. Another nice thing about this as a work truck is you can get any color you want. The silver unit at the top has a Leer Commercial Shell, and the bottom looks very similar without markings.

Just to show how sweet this kind of work truck can be, check this one out spotted at a WalMart parking lot:

This unit is an A.R.E., Commercial Shell with Rack-it truck rack mounted on an F150 Super Cab 1/2-ton short bed in gray metallic with running boards chrome aluminum wheels and top of the line interior. Another great thing about these works trucks is that they serve more than one purpose in that they can be used to get the work done, go to and from job sites, and used for the family too.

These two shots are of a 2014 GMC double cab short bed with an A.R.E. Commercial Shell, and this one shows off one of the best options you can possibly get. This one has the CargoGlide bed slide to help manage the cargo in the back without ever crawling inside on your hands and knees. Just slide it out and grab what you need. I can't imagine having one of these trucks without this product.

The work pickup used to be much more popular as a 3/4-ton, but I think this has changed. The 1/2-ton pickups carry all the weight that one might need in this space and the other advantages stated above make the 3/4-ton the second choice and generally not necessary.

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