Freightliner Fleet Spotlight | Bison Transport

We don't normally post much about heavy duty trucks, as our focus is light and medium duty trucks; however, we thought this video was interesting and the ideas of how to manage the fleet would be so similar. -- CTS

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Since 1969, Bison Transport has grown from just 18 tractors and 32 employees to over 1400 tractors and 2600 employees. Today, they are one of the largest carriers in Canada, the largest long combination vehicle (LCV) carrier in North America and recognized as North America’s Safest Fleet. 

Freightliner is proud to provide Bison Transport with some of the most innovative trucks on the road today, including the best-in-class Cascadia® Evolution, equipped with the proprietary Detroit DD15® engine and the DT12™ transmission, to give them the efficiencies and reliability they need.

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