These days any trip down the supermarket aisle or to the gourmet delicatessen sees cheese lovers spoilt for choice with a mouthwatering selection from both Australia and around the globe.
Perth-based Blue Cow Cheese Company is adding to the selection by bringing a taste of Europe to Australia with its range of artisan and farmhouse cheeses.

The business imports and distributes the best cheeses from both European and local producers, along with charcuterie and other gourmet products including pastry, ice cream, pate, dips, olives and savoury biscuits.

Based in Belmont, Blue Cow Cheese Company supplies products to the food service and retail sector in Western Australia and is expanding into the other states. Perth’s metropolitan daily distribution is handled by a fleet of Isuzu NLR 200 trucks, easily identifiable via blue livery featuring a cow jumping over the moon.

Prior to distributing the products via road, those that are imported from Europe arrive in two ways. The fresh, delicate and young cheeses are airfreighted fortnightly from France and Italy, while the hard cheeses and other gourmet products are shipped directly from Italy to Fremantle Port.
According to Blue Cow Cheese Company Managing Director, Nicholas Bath, as the business has grown from one person to a team of 30 people over the past 16 years, its systems have also become more sophisticated.

“Not only do we supply chilled product, we also have the capability to supply frozen and dry product, all delivered in one vehicle,” Mr Bath said.

“We have standardised our fleet on the very reliable Isuzu NLR 200 – with one manual and three AMTs in the lineup. Our latest Isuzu is a new medium wheel based truck. The beauty of the NLR is that it can be driven on a car licence.

“Our trucks are on the road from Monday through to Friday and are used for metropolitan delivery to the likes of supermarkets and via inner city laneways to hotels and cafes.”

In addition to importing the international products, Blue Cow Cheese Company has its own range of products which are locally sourced.

“We work with a small group of producers who are able to produce cheese to our brand’s specifications. These producers are experts in their respective fields and are located in all different regions of Australia,” Mr Bath said.

With such a broad food offering and customers located all across Australia, it’s important that Blue Cow Cheese Company’s fleet of trucks stay on the move with little downtime.

“The business commenced using another Japanese brand before moving to a European manufacturer before settling on Isuzu. The reason being the high quality of the Isuzu product, as well as our strong relationship with Major Motors and Sales Manager, Peter Dewar,” Mr Bath said.

“The trucks travel up to 500 kilometres per week. They have performed very well and take the punishment of inner city distribution well. The bodies are strong, the cabs make a very pleasant working environment and the engine performance is faultless.

“The vehicles perform very well and provide us with enough power for the work we do. All of our drivers comment on the layout, functionality and spaciousness of the truck cabs.

“While I keep an eye on truck market trends and the new products that are available, it’s difficult to go past Isuzu and Major Motors. As we grow, we will always have Isuzu at the top of our list for selection.” 

See more at: http://isuzu.com.au/

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