Concrete Saw Body Gets The Machines And Tools To The Jobsite

Here's a  great truck for Concrete Cutting contractors, a 12 foot saw body has plenty of cabinets and is backed up with an Interlift conventional liftgate. It is as functionally effective as it is good looking. Notice the huge locking compartments to keep large saw blades and other gear out of the weather and out of sight.

The liftgate serves two purposes, one being the obvious one to lift the equipment onto the bed area and the other to provide a backstop to secure the equipment in place and prevent it from rolling off the back of the bed!

See more of this body: http://htbi.net/sawbody.html

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Unknown said...

This concrete cutting truck definitely has plenty of cabinet space to store various tools and supplies in it. The huge locking compartments would be perfect for storing the blades out of the weather and out of people's view, like you mentioned in the first paragraph. If you can stay organized with these cabinets, you'd make the job a lot easier when you can easily refer back to the truck and grab what you need quickly.

Iniya said...

This is really healpful in the transportation of construction equipment.

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