Exciting News: 2016 GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 Box Delete

GM First: Factory bed-delete option for 1/2-ton Silverado/Sierra pickups. Dan Tigges, GM Products Manager for Sierra & Silverado pickups, explains the details.

As the demand for heavier duty work trucks, and trucks with commercial bodies continues to grow for those that need that capability, the demand for lighter duty trucks for lighter duty applications grows as well. The new Colorado and Canyon mid-sized truck will soon be offered with a box delete option, and now the 1/2-ton segment of the truck world will do the same. This is exciting stuff and will be a great offering to save a lot of money and still do the commercial work needed; albeit, with a significantly lighter load.

Some might say (and we used to as well) that many will overload these trucks too easily, and to that, we now say, we've seen that enough times in medium duty trucks, let alone heavy duty 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks, so no truck is immune to overloading. People should be clearly informed of the capacity and the rest is up to the buyer.

There are a lot of work trucks in use now that simply do not need to carry everything with them all the time for every conceivable and inconceivable happenstance in the field. By shedding much of those loads, lighter duty trucks can save companies and individual contractors many thousands of dollars on one truck, tens, hundreds of thousands, into the millions in larger fleets of trucks.

The market is changing. It is more of a world market, and much of what has been used in countries where fuel is far more costly than here, is now here and more on the way. This means lighter duty trucks to carry needed things far more efficiently. It means different applications, efficient accessories that manage the smaller spaces more effectively. It means cost savings overall. It means getting the same job done for less. It means more profitability. -- CTS

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