Ford Ranger 2016 - Test Drive Review

If you are looking for a new 4x4 pick-up at present, you'll be hard-pressed to know which way to turn. Mitsubishi has recently relaunched the L200, Nissan has introduced the next generation NP300 Navara, Toyota is about to reveal a new Hilux, revised VW Amarok is later this year and an updated Isuzu D-Max will hit UK shores early in 2017. If that wasn't enough, Fiat and Renault are about to enter the fray respectively with the Fullback (rebadged L200) and Alaskan (rebadged Navara). Mercedes-Benz is even joining the fun in late 2017 with a re-bodied, Navara-based offering.

But it is the blue oval which has launched the latest muscle truck in the form of the revised Ranger and it is making some pretty big waves. It is already the best-selling 4x4 in Europe and in the UK, after trailing behind the L200 and Hilux last year, January and February 2016 sales have seen it taking pole position in its sector. - See more at: http://www.vansa2z.com/Ford-Ranger-2016-Test-Drive-Review#sthash.QrmtHPVZ.dpuf

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