Brand FX -Pickup Inserts and Storage

BrandFX WORKPoD Inserts

Designed for ease of use and efficiency, self-contained BrandFX WORKPoD inserts are a cost-efficient alternative to conventional vans. The advanced inserts, supplied complete with flooring and sidewalls, are built to fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge/Ram, Ford, and GMC pickups, for all bed lengths.

The WORKPoD can be easily transferred from a pickup truck being retired to a new vehicle, adding to the long-term value of the insert. In addition, the inserts’ lightweight composite construction provides for better fuel economy vs. a van. And, the deep gelcoat finish of a WORKPoD ensures the appearance will last for many years and vehicle uses.

Exterior side compartment doors allow tools and cargo to be accessed from outside the vehicle.
To meet a wide range of individual needs, WORKPoDS are available in a choice of Plus-Top or Low-Profile designs and can be equipped with a wide range of shelving, drawer, cabinet, and lighting options.

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