Ford Transit & Kargo Master Help Bell Bros. HVAC Serve Northern California

Guest post by Ken Keller

Brothers Jerry and Kenny Bell founded Bell Bros. in 1991. The company is a premier heating and cooling (HVAC) contractor, window installer and plumber in Northern California with a fleet of 137 vehicles, including 120 Ford Transits completely upfitted with Kargo Master van interiors and roof racks.

With 57 technicians, 200 employees, and a territory that ranges several hundred miles from Fresno to the south, Vacaville to the west, Yuba City to the north and Pollock Pines to the east … including the Sacramento Valley … Bell Bros needs the reliability of the Transits and the durability and functionality of the Kargo Master interiors and ladder racks.

When asked about why Bell Bros choose Kargo Master, Russ Beauchamp, facilities and fleet manager, put it succinctly: “It’s the products … quality craftsmanship … they look great … and our upfitter’s customer service is exceptional. Russ, who’s been with Bell Bros. since 2009, said the company had been purchasing Kargo Master products long before he arrived and he saw no compelling reason to change vendors based on Kargo Master’s relationship and reputation with the company.”

Adding a vehicle to their fleet, which they do often, is a three-step process:

1. Purchase a Transit.
2. Take the newly acquired vehicle to the sign shop for branding.
3. Then off it goes to upfitter for installation of Kargo Master products.

Ian, a tech at Bell Bros, was asked his opinion of the Kargo Master roof racks, “They are awesome. It is easy for me to access my ladders … put them on the roof or take them off.”

His vehicle is equipped with the EZ Drop Down Ladder Rack … a nifty mechanism which allows a ladder (in his case 2 ladders) to be loaded from the side of the van by a single driver … with little effort or reach. The ladder is easily raised and locked with a removable handle which is stored inside the van. The rack works perfectly on all Transits … from the compact Transit Connect to the high roof big boys.

While functionality is paramount, Bell Bros. is acutely aware of the visibility of their vans which are moving billboards … thousands of miles are travelled every day. The look of their vans is extremely important … from the quality and style of the Transits, to bold and dynamic branding, to the finishing touches to their vehicles … Kargo Master racks and van interiors help them to work efficiently and promote Bell Bros. professionalism.

See more about Bell Bros. at www.bellbroshvac.com and you can see more about all the the products from Kargo Master at www.kargomaster.com

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