Reading Support Vital For Reitmeir"s New Fleet

Guest post by Ken Keller

The City of Portland, Oregon is known for its microbreweries, coffeehouses and its eco-friendliness; Portland is often called "The Greenest City in America". Delivering commercial HVAC services to this metropolitan area of over 2 million people is no small enterprise.

 Based in Portland, Reitmeier is a full-spectrum Commercial HVAC and Energy Management Services provider to Oregon and the SW Washington area. In business since 1984, Reitmeier’s diverse client base spans such projects as data centers, hospitals, commercial high-rise offices and historic buildings, as well as industrial facilities.

This year Reitmeier converted their entire service fleet over to Ford Transits Cutaways equipped with customized Reading Truck Body Classic Service Vans (CSV). Reitmeier’s President, Jeff Nusz, has high praise for the Reading CSV. “We have been using standard vans for 35 years. This fleet conversion was a big change. We wanted to make a statement in the marketplace and position our brand as something unique,” Jeff said. “We are the only company in our market that uses Reading products exclusively. Our customers really like the look of our decaled Reading body. The unique visibility is driving new clients to our doorstep.”

Reading support was vital to get Reitmeier’s new fleet operational. “We had a compliance problem concerning the venting of flammable gases. Reading solved this design problem before our first delivery. By customizing a rear compartment with venting, Reading solved that problem, and at no additional costs.”

Jeff commented on the efficiency of their local Reading authorized upfitter, Pacific Service Center (PSC). “Our vans are now shipped separately and upfitted by Pacific Service Center. We work directly with Jeff and Robyn at PSC to solve any problems we encounter. PSC handles warrant claims. Delivery time has actually sped up. This process is really seamless now,” Jeff said.

Robyn Benedetti, Vice President of Operations, has seen the difference that Reading’s CSV body has made to Reitmeier’s commitment to a goal of zero waste. “The CSV aluminum body is in complete alignment with our sustainability practices as it uses renewable material and is 100% recyclable,” Robyn said. “Due to the aluminum body, we have expanded cargo space providing greater payload. Shelving was modified by Reading to increase ease of access and organization.”

A complete audit of Reitmeier’s fuel consumption using historical data and Ford/Telogis telematics information from the new fleet will be made soon. But Jeff is seeing the savings already. “Our 2016 fuel budget is based on 2015’s fuel consumption. As of now, we are 13% to 15% under budget from where we were this time last year, “Jeff reports.

In an effort to ensure future availability of qualified technicians, Reitmeier created Reitmeier University two years ago. Reitmeier University’s two-year continuing education program was developed to train and certify new Reitmeier employees in commercial HVAC services. After completing classroom instruction, each new hire is partnered with an experienced technician in a structured mentorship. Reitmeier, with the support of Reading’s CSVs, is not only ready for the future, but is actively investing in it.

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