Which Automaker Makes the Fastest Factory Diesel Pickup?

We know that how fast a pickup truck accelerates to 60 mph or merges into highway traffic is not a priority for most pickup buyers. Nevertheless, that information does let buyers know how strong a truck can pull or how well the transmission is matched to the engine.

The last thing you want is a monster engine with clunky shifting or butter-smooths shifts with all the thrust of a hybrid powertrain.

Here at PickupTrucks.com, we know what you want, and the best way we know how to show you how well a pickup's powertrain is integrated is to take it to the track. And as odd as it might sound, some of the most fun we've had with pickups on a quarter-mile track was when they had a modern turbo-diesel engine under the hood.

We've pulled the figures below from two recent Challenges: the 2017 3/4-Ton Premium Truck Challenge and the 2016 Texas Truck Showdown: Maximum MPG.

Learn more at: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2017/05/which-automaker-makes-the-fastest-factory-diesel-pickup.html#more

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