Dual-Sided Loadsrite Ladder Rack, White, NV High Roof

The LCVLR-H63 fits high roof Nissan NV vans and has drop-down ladder beds on both the curbside and streetside of the vehicle.
  • Aluminum bed frame, cast aluminum grab handle, stainless steel latch and fasteners.
  • Allows side door access while in the up or down position.
  • Ladders can be padlocked for security.
  • Rollers and dampers create a smooth transition to the stowed and down positions.
  • Steel-Cote™ diamond-hard powder coat finish-for quality.
  • Two handed operation is required to release the ladder for safer loading and unloading.
  • Ladder clamps securely hold the ladder for transportation.
  • Plastisol clamps and plastic pads protect fiberglass ladders.
  • The LoadsRite for the Nissan NV can carry 16 foot - 36 foot extension ladders.

Adrian’s LOADSRITE Ladder Racks easily raise and lower to eliminate the need to climb, stretch or reach for your ladder on top of your van. The unique design of the LOADSRITE presents the ladder in a diagonal position bringing it to a comfortable working height in the right way. LOADSRITE, the right way to load and unload ladders.

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