The 50/50 Poster

I took a full page ad out of the Wall Street Journal a little over a year ago and have had it on my wall ever since. It is an ad from Accenture. They retain Tiger Woods for many of their ads and I just love all of them. I've gone to their website and have seen all the Tiger Woods ads, but this one stands out above all the rest for me. I call it the 50/50 poster, but they call it Attitude/Aptitude. It shows Tiger in a winning stance like he just made a 50' putt and it says 50% Attitude and 50% Aptitude.

The poster reminds me that I have aptitude, but what I always need to be reminded of is to have that winning 50% attitude--to take my skills and move with confidence through the world. I know what it is like to have the aptitude without the attitude and I tell you it is nowhere. I get to look at this poster many times during the day and it is a wonderful reminder and motivator. Don't we all need some little reminders like that?

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