Through the Eyes Of the Bold, Part 33

With yesterday's post, I think we have covered onsite promotions pretty well. Let's move on to offsite.

One of the best things you can do in my opinion to help find new prospects and show off your trucks is to have offsite events. You can partner with a lot of different companies. The Home Depot or Lowe's are good choices. There are ACE hardware in smaller towns, 84 Lumber and a number of other like places where contractors and workers come to get supplies. This is a great venue for creating a nice commercial display and meeting some new people.

I recommend that you talk to the commercial desk manager, or main store manager and discuss the concept with them. You will have better results when you find ways that this will benefit them. One idea is to have a budget for some give aways and that you will buy all of them at their location. In addition, you might suggest that you will be happy to hand out brochures on items they might want to promote. Make it work for both of you.

Next, you want at least one truck, two if you have two people and they allow it. This is best when done early in the morning. Get there about 1/2 hour before they open and get set up. Have fresh coffee and donuts available with a sign stating this clearly. If they have a vendor that sells coffee there, use their coffee and services, and give out tickets and then settle up at the end.

Most of these type businesses open early, some as early as 5am. Most are probably 6-7 am. This promotion should only be for a few hours, so you will be out of there no later than 11am. This way you have done a 1/2 day promotion, and hopefully got some business cards and talked with some new people, then you can be back to the dealership to take care of other business the rest of the day. It's an easy gig.

There are all kinds of offsite display opportunities and the more you focus on the possibilities, the more come into view. If you choose to look at this well, you will find enjoyment in doing them. You get to meet new people and talk about your products, learn about their business and needs. It's refreshing and if you're an early riser, it is all good.

I think a commercial display needs to be manned. A static display should only be on your lot. The goal of the offsite display is being able to talk to new people and show off new solutions to business. This is hard to achieve if it is not manned.

One way to get names and cards is to have a drawing and get them to fill out a form or leave a business card in lieu of the form. Then you can follow up with them and put them in your mailing system. When they win a prize, you might have them stop by the dealership to pick it up and then you have one more opportunity to develop a relationship.

Making offsite display opportunities a weekly event is a great idea. It's a bold thought.

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