Through the Eyes Of the Bold, Part 31

Here's some more partnering ideas for the bold:

One of the most popular things on the road today is a commercial trailer. They come in all different types from Landscaping, to Gooseneck Heavy Haulers to Dumping Trailers. One of the most popular that I've seen in recent years is the 7-10k GVWR two axle dumping trailer. I see a lot of different contractors making use of this kind of trailer. In residential areas, it is extremely common on the West coast to see Landscaping trailers that are towed behind 1/2-ton, and 3/4-ton pickups and Service Bodies as well, depending on their needs and the size of the company. Matter of fact, it sort of amazes me how many landscaping companies use Service Bodies as their main truck and tow their machines in a Landscaping Trailer. Then again, the Service Body is a pickup with a lot of closet space, with the same turning radius and much more usefulness.

Think about partnering in the trailer market and you will find there is a great deal of flexibility in what things you can market with so many types of trailers available. This will make a great promotional piece. There are many small businesses in most cities who stock these trailers that you can partner with. Since they vary greatly and are plentiful, I will just focus on the trailer manufacturers to share some ideas for you.

A great choice from what I've seen is Big Tex Trailers. They have a great website and a lot to offer. Check out their dumping trailers. The 10SR and 10LP look like great choices. These are 10k GVWR trailers in 10' and 12' lengths. These units use a standard hitch, so have a lot of flexibility in the marketplace. Hook up with your local distributor and make a deal to help promote each other and help each other make more profits.

Work it so that you get a trailer hooked to a truck (a Service Body or a Contractor Body are great choices) to display at your location. They will give you plenty of brochures stamped with their name and you will hand them out as needed. You get a wonderful display opportunity that should get some attention and also demonstrate more and better solutions. You can sell it as a package, or perhaps they want a different trailer, but it's all good for everyone involved. At the same time, you can double your opportunities by having one of your units on display at their location where they can then promote you and your dealership and have the truck and trailer hooked up and on display there.

Another trailer type is the Landscape Trailer. It is very popular as well. I see a lot of them hooked to F150 1/2-ton pickups, so here's a great way to mix in some more retail pieces to your commercial display and help get more display attention and offer some solutions to your commercial customers. Here's a couple shots of that type of trailer:

Here's another trailer idea that is also popular in a lot of trades. Haulmark has made a wide variety of enclosed trailers for over 27 years. From RV to show car carriers to general use like the ones shown below, they have a wide variety to choose from and Haulmark is a very well known name brand.

There are so many possibilities that you could use here that you can do these kind of displays for years to come and constantly keep something going. In addition to aiding the sales of your vehicles, you are aiding the sales of the trailers through your partnership--and since you are putting a truck on their display, you are creating even more opportunities. This is how you stay out of the back corner of the lot. Look for bold opportunities to partner with others (that makes it very inexpensive!) and create synergy. It will also be a lot of fun. Go for it!

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