It's Never Crowded On the Leading Edge

Thank God for conformity! If not for this, the leading edge would be very crowded and it may not be the fun that it is now.

I'll tell you something that is the enemy of conformity. It is courage. It takes no courage to conform, but rather, it takes courage to not conform.

The word leadership evokes a picture of a person with a vision and the courage to lead, perhaps to places they have not been to before. How can a leader be a conformist? We will have to strip away the leadership word and use head follower instead, or perhaps the lead conformist.

How sad to need to be a conformist in order to be liked and fit in, yet it is crowded in there to the point there is very little air. You can't even call it a comfort zone because it is not all that comfortable. You might rather call it the compliance zone. You're either in compliance or your are out of compliance. If you're out, you have to get back in.

I see this in various ways all around me. Young men and boys wearing their pants where the waist is at the thigh and the crotch of the pants are at the knee caps with a huge T-shirt covering the exposure. It is laughable to watch them walk holding their pants in position with one hand in such a cool posture that it is like a symbol of style. It's impossible to run without falling. Now almost everyone I see is wearing their pants just this way to be in and hip and cool and accepted. Yep. It's the compliance zone. I do get a kick out of watching them walking and looking cool and collected. It will make a great video ten years from now for them.

Someone had to have started this trend and they were then on the leading edge. I am sure they are liking it on the leading edge and have since moved to another leading edge thought and dress idea while those conformists are back there keeping it alive. Good job alive keepers. Switch hands now.

If you're running a commercial truck operation, how can you be on the leading edge? How might it look if you were there already? What kind of things would you stock that might be different from what you now have? What things would you change from where they are now?

If you're a commercial/fleet manager and you just manage yourself, how can you be on the leading edge? How might it look if you were there already? What things would you change from where they are right now?

It may take a little dreaming and some courage to try, but I bet you'll find that the leading edge is worth the effort, and I'll bet you will never go back to the compliance zone. What a joyous day that will be!