Keep A Lookout On Your Outlook!

I saw $2.99 gas today in Northern California. It's been quite a while since that number has been seen. That's good news.

There's not so many new homes going in as there was, but the commercial buildings are going strong! I see construction going on all over in that arena. Some very large projects too.

I see new shopping centers still going in. Another new Starbucks just opened in Fairfield. Some new restaurants opening too.

24-Hour Fitness seems very busy no matter what time I go in there, although they must have slow times too. There's lots of people working on staying fit.

Niche market businesses seem to do well no matter what because there are so few who specialize in what they do. Their businesses are growing.

There's a lot going on. There is business being done. I read that the US car market is down to 13 million per year. Only 13 million new cars. Of course that doesn't count used cars, commercial trucks, etc. There are plenty of countries that would love to have an economy performing at that level.

I'm at the place where I just love hearing dire predictions. They sound so stupid and funny. If it was to be as bad as some complain, we are all going to be out of work, living on the street, begging for a quarter. Instead of the glass half full, or half empty, this one is bone dry--hell, it's not even a glass anymore, it's a tin cup. People, you have to laugh at that stuff. Nothing is ever all bad. Let's get a better outlook.

What's good about this? Make a list. If you are having trouble, ask it a different way: If there could be something good about this, what might it be? I'll get you started.
  • This is causing me to look at my goals and to finally set some goals and think about how I want things to be. I'm tired of rolling with the tide of human affairs, I want to learn how to focus and create what I want.
  • This is causing me to look at how I run my "business." I am realizing now that I am really in business for myself, though I hang my license at this location. I get this office space and all this inventory with zero investment. How cool is that? I really can learn to control more of what I do in my business.
  • I am going to start thinking and planning some new services, like a real follow up system so that I can stay in touch in various ways with my clients as well as prospects.
  • I'm going to start keeping records of how many people I talk to on a daily basis and what the results are so that I can see what is working and what is not working more efficiently.
  • I'm going to start being more active in my business by going out and visiting some key clients at their place of business. I want to see their operations and see if there might be some new ways of being of service to them. They probably have employees that might like my brand of service as well. They probably have suppliers who I can be introduced to. If nothing else, I can develop better relationships with these key clients.
  • I'm going to start sending out 25 mail pieces a day to my mailing list. Every 100 mailers will contain a different offer so that I can see what kinds of things might work better than others. I will be consistent with this.
  • I will make more phone calls and log how many I make so I can see how those efforts are paying off in the long term.
  • I will find ways to go to where people are if they aren't coming in to the dealership. There's nothing quite like driving a brand new car or truck, so I'll offer some demo drives and create some excitement. I'll have some displays and show off my products.
  • I know gas is coming down again, but it can just as easily go back up, so I am going to stock more gas rigs than before and I am going to find some smaller or more efficient units that can do a similar job that the bigger diesel truck was doing before. This should increase my market and will give me new items to show off.

That's a good start. I'll let you work on moving that list to 25 or 30 more ideas. Your outlook is looking good.

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