Conception GSR Hydraulic Ladders On Cargo Van Gets Job Done In Small Space

Below is a video showing the hydraulic ladder in action:
(fun song too. . .)

Photos above are from the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana this year taken by Commercial Truck Success. Look at the inside of the van shots and how little space the substantial framework for this hydraulic ladder system takes. So little, in fact that it can be used as any cargo van would be and still have all the advantage of the one-person operation of the hydraulic ladder. The video is a good demonstration of that.

Here is some more from their home page website (Website is in English or French):

GSR Conception Inc.

Founded in 1992
Our Mission is designing and manufacturing turnkey solutions corresponding to all your lifting and handling needs.

To further achieve our objectives, we have acquired Équipements Achard Ltd. which has been in business for over 25 years. The latter specializes in distribution and after sales service of a full range of lifting and handling equipment. GSR Conception Inc, through this transaction, can now meet all the needs in this specific field.

We will make available to you our creativity and skills offering you customized products to help you improve your performance. GSR Conception Inc., is devoted to answering all your questions and concerns regarding lifting and handling.

In 2008, we marketed an innovative product in order to meet the expectations and demands of our customers. Our revolutionary range of GSR hydraulic ladders. The GSR hydraulic ladders are available insulated and non-insulated for heights of 35 to 50 feet. The innovative concept of the rotating base is currently patent pending.The ergonomic shape and aerodynamics of the basket is design registered. They are both the result of extensive research.

Proud of our success, we have several other projects in development, some for specific individual use, and others for larger market uses.

We invite you to visit us regularly and do not hesitate to tell us your needs.

To see more, go to www.ConceptionGSR.Com

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