Thursday, July 5, 2012

Harbor Truck Bodies New Steel Contractor Body Gates. Great Looking!

Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, California has improved the durability and the look of their already great looking Contractor Body by adding the option of these steel gates instead of the typical wood. Painted to match, it really adds to the already clean lines of the famous Harbor Contractor Body.

Notice also the Harbor standard Stainless Steel lids on the upper body boxes with the open top lids, the cantilevered forklift loadable rack leaving the rear work area free of posts and still have a full length rack. Another great feature about the rack is that Harbor's racks are bolted to the body and can be removed rather than having them permanently welded. How many times have customers wished they could temporarily remove the rack? Yet, it is every bit as strong and steady as a welded to the body rack.

Of course, the Contractor Body comes standard with all these features from Harbor:
  • Harbor-Branded and made-in house flatbed is the base of the Contractor Body
  • Tapered headboard
  • Tapered HD forklift loadable rack
  • Short contractor style gates around the rear
  • Upper bed box with standard Stainless Steel open top lid and fold-down doors
  • Under bed boxes both sides
  • Class IV receiver and trailer plug
  • Load divider at back end of upper boxes
Harbor Truck Bodies has a west coast distributor matrix on their website, plus pool trucks in southern California and Washington state. Harbor sells directly to dealers in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington and is sold through distributors in other states. Call Harbor at 800-433-9452 and visit their website at


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