Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leyman Lift Gate: TLS3500 (with platform light kit)

TLS Hide-A-Way® / LPS Hide-A-Way®
Trailer Side Gate
The Obvious Answer to Side Door Capability

The TLS/LPS is the best selling side gate in the industry. The gate is powered in and out from under the trailer; therefore, the driver does not have to push/pull the gate from transit to useable position. TLS and LPS is primarily used in the industries listed below:

Medical Trailers

Standard Features:
Maintenance Minder2 Power Unit
12 volt d.c. power supply
Marine toggle switch operation
Greaseless bushings
Two hydraulic cylinders perform the lifting Power in and out Adjustable out/up stops
Install without cutting side rails
Automatic over the road lock Adjustable guides (side to side-in and out function)
Lifting arms are mounted to the center of the platform for a stable level ride
Power pack enclosure - holds pump, motor and has space for (2) batteries
All pivot pins are chrome steel plated
Units come completely pre-assembled

Optional Features:
Emergency hand pump
Flashing light kit
Cart stops
Reflective tape kit
Circuit breaker for pump motor
Walk around push button
Collapsible hand rails
Mud flaps
Bolt on kit for aluminum cross members

Standard Specifications:
Capacity: 3500 and 4500 lbs.
Platform Sizes: TLS 42"W x 55"D + 10" fixed taper. 48", 60", and 72" wide also available
LPS 72"W x 64"D + 16" fixed taper. 72"W x 68"D + 15" retention ramp.
Floor Heights: 48" - 58"

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