Friday, July 27, 2012

Huge Weight Savings Makes Reading Plumber Style Body A Perfect Choice

When you have a body as large as the one shown on the Isuzu truck above, to save up to 45% in weight is no small feat and in addition to that, can be a game changer in savings in overall cost and operating expense.

With this much weight savings, you might be able to order the Isuzu Eco-Max 12,000 GVWR truck, get significant savings on fuel and operating expenses, less overall cost and stay within the GVWR limits as opposed to going to the Isuzu NPR-HD at 14,500 GVWR. Or, on a conventional cab chassis, you may be able to effectively consider a 350 or 3500 vs the 450 or 4500 achieving similar chassis cost savings and significantly lower operating and service costs while remaining within GVWR. Of course, it makes a difference how much equipment you carry in your particular arrangement, but regardless of that, this aluminum body versus the steel counterpart will still yield great benefits.

Notice also that the roof provides plenty of light inside the unit without needing internal lights except at night. Even on a cloudy day, it is still bright enough to see well inside. I also like the cargo nets that are an available and inexpensive option to help keep things there they belong.

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