Friday, July 13, 2012

What Does A Work Truck Look Like?

As I was out for a long morning walk and going through an area where some new homes were being built, I was struck by the difference between these two obviously working work trucks. The upper photo with the import truck extra cab with the rack is so typical in these kind of construction venues, but the other one forced me to stop and notice and appreciate how I can only imagine the owner of this truck thinks about the way he or she approaches their work. I would say with fun! With style. With flair. With joy. With comfort.

What a work truck looks like is a fluid idea and I was so appreciating this person's point of view!

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Raney's Truck Parts said...

I would never put that much money into a truck for work. It is going to get dented, scratched and rusted. Sometimes it is easy to spot a newbie!