Product Update: MAXON's Slidelift® Now Includes a New Flat Control Panel

GPS Liftgate
Maxon’s GPS Slidelift® series provides the smooth performance you need for precarious cargo, combined with horizontal stowage. The result is a gate that works with both roll-up and swing-style doors:


•    Lifting capacities: 4,400 lbs. and 5,500 lbs.
•    Large, light-weight, aluminum platforms for easy handling and  durability
•    Utilizes the full inside dimensions of your trailer; non-restrictive side or rear loading and unloading; allows  unobstructed dock access
•    Allows simple operation and easy loading from the ground, or from the side
•    No longer limits you to one door type. Accommodates roll-up, full opening and various other door configurations
•    Maintains a level ride, regardless of landscape
•    Rust-resistant, powder-coated, metal fabricated parts ensure liftgate reliability and long life
•    Low maintenance design with greaseless, weather-tight bushings at all pivot points

New Flat Control Panel

Flat Control Panel
Discover maximum comfort and functionality in the New Flat Control Panel now incorporated onto Maxon GPS Slidelifts. The new panel allows for strategic positioning directly on the vehicle body (or under it) for convenient and ergonomic height access.  The solid, weather-resistant, ¼” flat control panel comes with proven technology that guarantees operation under any circumstance. No more dealings with broken or over-torqued control levers. The flat control panel comes with sturdy push-buttons with pressure points.
X1 Technology

X1 is a patented design technology that allows a liftgate to raise and lower full lift capacity utilizing only one cylinder for up and down, and one for tilting. This is accomplished by eliminating the mainframe structure and transferring the entire load to the lift frame structure and lift cylinder. This eliminates 20% of the total weight of a four-cylinder gate. Combine this design with the standard aluminum platform, and the result is the strongest, lightest, and least complex SlideLift available today.

Locking Mechanism

A hydraulic locking system that takes the operator out of the equation is featured in the GPS. The hydraulic system automatically locks when the gate is in the stow position requiring no additional operator effort.

For more information on our GPS model, please visit our website at www.maxonlift.com/products/slidelift/gps

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