For the 26th consecutive year, Isuzu Trucks have held their position on top of the Australian truck market, as at the end of December 2014.

Beginning their reign as Australia’s top selling truck brand way back in 1989; Isuzu’s popularity has steadily increased ever since, with a commitment to performance and reliability as well as an impressive after-sales track record.

For over three decades, the Isuzu brand has enjoyed fierce loyalty from its many satisfied customers, something Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Director and Chief Operating Officer, Phil Taylor, says has been hard-earned.

 “We’re always looking for improved ways to deliver top quality products that are reliable, affordable and right for the job.

“We are of course delighted to be in a strong position again at the start of 2015, and we thank our customers for their continued support.”

According to Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) data, over 145,000 Isuzu trucks have been sold in Australia over the past 26 years, with approximately one in four trucks on Australian roads sporting the iconic Isuzu badge.

And it’s little wonder too, with Isuzu boasting a model range of over 160 variants, and offering a vehicle for just about every vocational application imaginable.

According to official Truck Industry Council (TIC) T-Mark industry reports, Isuzu finished 2014 with a total of 7,150 truck sales and just over 23 per cent market share, more than 10 per cent clear of its closest rival.

Sales volume also improved with a five per cent increase in the total number of Isuzu trucks sold, whilst the total market volume declined slightly over the same 12 month period.

As well as taking out overall sales honours, Isuzu continues to dominate the light market with a total of 3,279 units for a 37.5 per cent share, while also comfortably leading the medium market with 2,755 units for an impressive 41.7 per cent market share.

In the heavy market, Isuzu finished the year very strongly, taking out third place and achieving a 10.4 per cent share, with the company’s FY Series 8x4 proving highly popular on the sales charts.

Mr Taylor said, “We continue to be pleased with the performance of our FY range in the heavy market.  The market acceptance that this product has, in a relatively brief timeframe, is proof positive of the product and engineering strategy employed at Isuzu.

“These same qualities are evident throughout our truck range, from the NLR 200 all the way through to our heavy models.

“And whilst the Australian truck market is a particularly competitive one, we will never stop adapting to change and striving to provide the most comprehensive product range and support services to the Australian road transport industry.”

Mr Taylor said he expected truck sales to hold relatively steady in 2015, with some gradual recovery in particular market segments.

“The mining sector is in steady decline right now and the whole industry has taken a hit across the board,” Mr Taylor said.

“But with some fresh infrastructure projects on the cards in States and Territories across the country, we could hopefully see some growth in the construction sector mitigating that decline.

“And as always, we won’t rest on our laurels either. Through innovative new products, like Isuzu’s telematics packages, we’re working to further develop our after-sales offerings.”

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