With around 160,000 kilometres of power lines and one million power poles to maintain, Queensland electricity distributor, Ergon Energy, has an enormous job ensuring a constant power supply throughout the vast sunshine state.  

To support their operations, the company operates a fleet of 490 trucks, more than 360 of which are Isuzus.

Also under the control of Ergon Energy is associated infrastructure, such as major substations and power transformers, as well as electricity generation services to the Torres Strait Islands.

Fleet Acquisition Manager, Mario Zappulla, has been with the company and its predecessor since 1988 and says Isuzu trucks have been widely used throughout this time.

Due to the great area covered - around 1.7 million square kilometres - Ergon Energy trucks operate over a vast range of regional and rural conditions.

 “The terrain our trucks travel over on a daily basis ranges from bitumen and formed dirt roads, to remote access tracks, little better than a goat track,” Mr Zappula said.

Ergon Energy uses Isuzu trucks due to the comprehensive model range, Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) ratings and alternative wheelbases.

“When selecting models to suit specific roles, we first conduct a careful review of the operating conditions, the payload required and any specialist operation needs,” he said.

“With the new ‘common-rail’ style engines, I believe the Isuzus have ample power to undertake the duties required.

“I also believe the Isuzu trucks are easy and comfortable to drive and operate.

“We use a variety of Isuzu models, including the NPR 300, NPS 300, NQR 450, FSS 550, FSR 600 and FVZ 1400,” Mr Zappula said.

“When we evaluate trucks during our fleet procurement stage, we pay very close attention to aspects such as safety and environmental concerns, technical compliance, manufacturer and dealer support, and price.

“The support Isuzu Australia Limited and the dealership provide us throughout Queensland ranks highly.

“Isuzu’s customer service is excellent and its ability to respond quickly to requests for assistance and support has always been one of its great strengths.”

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